Booking & Charges
College Escorts
Single Shot 2 Hour : 12000 ~ 20000
Double Shot 3 Hour : 16000 ~ 30000
Full Night 3 Shot : 20000 ~ 80000
Housewife Escorts
Single Shot 2 Hour : 10000 ~ 20000
Double Shot 3 Hour : 15000 ~ 25000
Full Night 3 Shot : 18000 ~ 60000
Model Escorts
Single Shot 2 Hour : 18000 ~ 30000
Double Shot 3 Hour : 20000 ~ 80000
Full Night 3 Shot : 30000 ~ 1lacs

There are many different ways to book escort service, and the process and fees involved can vary depending on the profiles and the booking method you choose. Some common ways to book a escorts include booking directly through the The Hotel Escorts Mumbai website or by calling directly to book session with profile.

You don’t need to provide your personal information to book session with escorts, but only give your name and hotel booking details. This may include your name, hotel booking information, dates of stay, and payment details.

The cost of profiles can vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the location of the hotel, the time of sessions program, and the demand for shots. Our profiles may also have different rates for weekdays versus weekends.

In addition to the cost of the profile itself, you may also be charged additional fees when you demand additional shots. It is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of your booking, as well as the total cost of your stay, before finalizing your booking sessions.

F&Q Regarding Booking!

A) How to book call girls service in Mumbai?

B) Why we prefer confirm hotel booking?

C) How much time will take to deliver profile?

D) What are the payment method?